The Council for Applied Research, Evaluations, Education, & Training (CAREET) welcomes you and offers you several category formats of educational ventures. Through CAREET you can obtain CEU'S or CPED in a various area of industry and professional sectors. Whether you're a lifelong student or you simply want to develop the skills and knowledge that can prepare you to go further in your career, CAREET is a resource for everyone who qualifies.

Get Inspired. Continue Professional Developement.

Comparably, we do not offer degree programs; we do offer Educational Diplomas in several subjects and disciplines. Dependant on what your needs are. For example: if you wish to get your education diploma in the discipline of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, you will have to take several courses and take the exams and pass them in order for the Council to grant you the diploma. Several of our diplomas are for education personal enrichment and alike to help you get a credential in a certain subject discipline you choose.
 Subject Diploma Course Disciplines Are:
  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse
  • Child Developement
  • Business Administration
  • Stress Management
  • Music Appreciation
  • Communication Skills
  • Correctional Ministry
  • Religion and Society